Daniel Jessen

Student Screenwriter

James Baxter: Detective

My Final Project for my Film and HD 2 class with my Friends on the Floor. Thank you so much to Ben Becker for a spectacular performance as James Baxter, Gabe Zamora and Aaron McKinney for being great suspects, Andrew Cameron for playing it cool and slapping Ben, John Keeports for getting arrested by Ben, and Evanmichael Drexler for punching Ben. My sound crew was absolutely essential. Luke Mailoux, Cayce Bower, Anthony Watkins, and John Harro. I worked a crap ton of time on sound in editing

Master Chief Anthology Video

Original songs by Kazuma Jinnouchi, Martin O'Donnell & Michael Salvatori. 117, One Final Effort, This is the Hour, To Kill A Demon (16 measures of it), Greatest Journey, 117. Soundtrack Anthology This was my first off the books soundtrack anthology and it's still my crown jewel rivaled only by The Flash. I made this song to run to the 12 minute test runs in my wellness class and visualization for my swim meets. If a song is going to run through my head, it may as well be one that moves my soul into action against all odds. Editing this was easy. I uploaded the songs to FCPX and moved them around. The transitions between Halo 4 and Halo 3 are seamless. Noticeable, but seamless except for one portion toward the end.

The Modern Manly Man F'15 HD

Sound Design for this short film. We spent the 2015 Fall semester in the LAFSC on this project. The script was written by Matthew Abler, Directed by Jared Myers, Shot by Caleb Schlabach, recorded by myself and David Fuesse, Lit by David Hanle and Jean Sleight, and colored in by Megan Kaiser. We learned a lot on this project especially that shooting takes long hours and reshoots are to be expected. We had a great time together and look forward to a next time if there is one.